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Affordable, Used Vehicles Under $20,000 Offered Near Cleveland, GA

At John Megel Ford, when customers come to see us in search of their next vehicle, they often have a strict budget. This concern may allow room for a limited amount to spend on a used vehicle outside Dahlonega.

Fortunately, a variety of reliable vehicles can be purchased for under $25K right here.

Car Depreciation Plays Major Role in Asking Price Near Clarkesville

When purchasing a used vehicle, you're paying a price that takes depreciation into account. If the used vehicle purchased costs less than $20K now, the original price may have been closer to double the cost featured.

The process of losing value from the original cost begins as soon as the new owner drives it off a lot. By the end of the first year alone, the car will depreciate by up to 30%. And each additional year causes more depreciation.

The lower price of a used vehicle should not scare you away. It's a natural part of a vehicle's lifetime outside Clayton.

Many of The Most Reliable, Used Car Models Under $20K

When you purchase a used vehicle, one of your chief concerns may be whether the vehicle will be reliable. That may even be why you're so hesitant to purchase a used vehicle under $20K.

However, brands that consistently rank highest in reliability studies may be purchased for under $20K. These include brands and models such as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Kia Soul and Ford Fusion.

John Megel Ford - Your Local Spot for Affordable, Used Vehicles Under $20K

Visit with us and explore our lineup of those specific, used vehicles priced under $20,000. Supplies often don't last, given these prices. So, act now.

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